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Voxpro Solutions offers next generation flexible communication system focusing on the requirements needed in a tactical environment with a wide range of features for military field communication. Built to withstand the rigors of field use, it assures durability and extended operation life for customers such as Army, Navy, Airforce, Para-military forces, coalfields, mines and railways.

These EPABX systems is a new generation IP Based solution that converges advanced IP skills with the reliability of TDM voice processing for local and transit switching. The product meets strict environment regulations such as JS5555 and confirms to EMI//EMC specifications as per MIL STD 461D.

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IP Phone uses voice over IP technologies for placing and transmitting telephone calls over an IP network such as the internet. IP Phone is used for offices, bigger complex and housing society communication etc. IP Phone is a high-end desktop phone which comes with intelligent LCD to increase enterprises user's productivity. IP phone provides greater flexibility and affordability in communication.

IP Phone is enabling businesses to move to the internet to make and receive telephone calls. IP Phone are easy to use. We manufacturer the IP Phone with flexible features. Our IP phone meet to the client’s requirements.

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Audio Conferencing

An audio conferencing system doesn't have to be extravagant. It can be but doesn't have to. A simple digital box on the conference table is all it takes to have a decent conference call. It’s much more professional than huddling around someone's cell phone or shouting across the room.

With audio conferencing, the phone is the most important part of the equation. We've built relationships with leading communication vendors to make sure your audio conference comes over loud and clear.

Video Conferencing

Our organization functions as an example of our own video conferencing technology and capabilities. Marco has offices located nationally. It's important to stay connected with our offices and employees, and our video conferencing systems make it happen. We can video conference with our employees from their desks, other conference rooms and from offices in any other location. Everything is streamed in high-definition video and real-time audio.

The video conferencing systems we offer typically start in conference rooms or classrooms and then scale up or down from there. By up, we mean the system could get bigger with more screens, more projectors, more rooms and more locations. By down, the system could get smaller. It could be installed at an individual employee workstation or even go mobile.

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At Voxpro Solutions we provide IT Services to any sized business. Shift the burden of maintaining systems onto professionals with the knowledge, equipment, and the expertise needed to shoulder that burden effectively and affordably.

From mission critical tasks like keeping your networks up to smaller tasks like setting up email accounts for new users, we handle it all so you can work on the important stuff.

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Interactive touchscreen displays for business come in all sizes and can help enhance customer engagement, streamline processes, and have a multitude of uses that can add value to almost any experience. We specialize in small interactive touchscreen displays designed for seamless and intuitive direct customer interaction. Used in classrooms, hospitals, museums, and exhibitions around the world, interactive touchscreen solutions can be an ideal way to increase customer engagement or provide and disseminate important information.

We put customer service at the forefront of our business, working alongside you every step of the way to create or recommend an ideal interactive touch screen digital signage that fits your desired application. Our experts work to understand your needs so we can provide multiple options, or customization services to get the exact display for your requirement.

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Voxpro Solutions offers a plethora of superior quality CCTV and surveillance systems to secure your buildings, offices, and homes.

Our CCTV surveillance system offers the most optimum solution for indoor as well as outdoor surveillance. Our range of surveillance systems cater to a wide range of applications like homes, malls, offices, shops, schools and lots more.

Security systems have been the most important facet for the protection of property, offices, etc. Voxpro Solutions offers stringent surveillance technology in all shapes and sizes, depending on client requirements with high resolution and cost effectiveness.

Our arsenal of CCTV surveillance includes the Dome camera, IR dome camera, PTZ Camera, joystick controller, hidden cameras and other state-of-the-art surveillance technology.

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GSM has been enriched with many additional features in the recent years, therefore many industries inducts more investment in their GSM networks. In an IP network VOIP GSM gateway enables the devices to connect to the GSM networks.

As an expert, Voxpro Solutions offers the perfect GSM gateway solution for your organization. The system is designed and planned in such a way that it reduces the mobile call costs drastically and increase the customer contact rate.

With our GSM gateway solution in Bangalore, companies can lessen a significant amount on the amount they spend on calls from IP System to GSM networks.

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Voxpro Solutions’s award-winning telephony cards are trusted to power the world’s leading phone systems, IVRs, and call center applications. Renowned for their premium quality and dependability, Sangoma’s telephony cards are also the most flexible on the market with superior compatibility in most commercially available servers and motherboards.

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Voxpro Solutions is involved in organizing and installing a scalable and flexible FXS gateway solutions in Kerala to a wide range of companies including the financial institutions, Insurance sector, IT companies, call centers and more. We deliver solutions to maintain faultless and smooth communications solutions that can be well integrated with the IP PBX systems through the gateways.

We at Voxpro Solutions are highly skilled in interfacing of telephone systems. Being used to connect the devices to an external telephone system, FXO gateways plays a crucial role in developing a tested to the various VOIP standard parameters.

Different types of FXO gateways are provided in accordance with the various business needs which can be configured for different requirements. We give importance to the best performing FXO gateways which always has a significant place in the communication world.

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A SIP gateway is a device that connects to your Internet modem and relays data that it reads from your telephone communication system, computer software, and various devices such as microphones and webcams.

A SIP gateway is required for an office to use advanced features such as conference calls, video conferences, phone line extensions, individual voicemail boxes, and other networking features that common VoIP programs provide.

SIP gateways are often combined with other gateway devices such as VoIP gateways in order to maximize functionality without overcrowding your work area.

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